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How much does a boiler cost to repair?

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David D. Wilson
How much your boiler will cost to repair will depend on a number of factors such as:

- Call out charges

Call out charges vary based on the person who repairs your boiler and the time which you call them out. If you call them out in business hours during the week, you should expect to pay around 60 GBP / hour for just the call out. Out of hours (on evenings and weekends), this charge will be increased.

- Type of damage

If your boiler has a run of the mill issue such as cleaning or pressure resetting, you will likely pay around 100 GBP plus labour. If your boiler requires a more technical repair, the cost of parts and labour could really mount up.

When my boiler broke down, I paid the initial call out and was advised that my boiler was going to be too expensive for me to repair, so I used a company that offered boiler hire in London, and rented for a few months whilst I got my boiler repaired - .

by David D. Wilson 3 years ago

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How much does a boiler cost to repair?

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